MARKET ALERT /  Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update:  Managing fraud risk impact with FinTech tools

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FundingShield offers industry leading FinTech B2B & B2B2C solutions that deliver transaction-level coverage against wire & title fraud, settlement risk, closing agent compliance & cyber threats while reducing operating costs and improving asset quality. User-centric Plug’n’Play tools that are scalable, pay-per-loan, secure, cloud-based and integrate easily through APIs driving ROIs greater than 200%.

Mortgage Lenders

Solutions to protect lending institutions from risk to the third-party closing, title and settlement entities it wires funds and rely upon for proper title services to as part of the Mortgage Settlement process…


National/Regional Closing Agencies

Solutions to help manage wire fraud in disbursements, wires and during application of funds. Additional solutions to drive customer loyalty and loan level coverage guarantees back to clients to increase market…


Warehouse Lenders

Solutions for warehouse lenders and their clients to streamline funding requests, lower risk and meet regulatory hurdles when acting as an investor, financier or disbursement party. Wire verification services that confirm…


Title Insurance Underwriters

Solutions to monitor and actively diligence agents and agency conduct, quality controls to drive lower claims and better execution in the insurance markets as well as solutions to optimize concentrated risks…


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$92 Billion

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